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We bring alignment on what innovation means to your organization and then identify opportunities for potential growth.

Whether building upon an existing core offering, filling a portfolio gap, getting ahead of an industry trend, or pioneering a new technology, it all starts with clearly articulating your goals and creating a plan of action to get there. We create strategic plans by helping organizations reflect internally on strengths and weaknesses while simultaneously looking outward at the landscape in which you compete. Understanding the big picture highlights opportunities which align with your innovation efforts that will drive initiatives forward.


We work in sprints to accelerate learnings, enable quick intervals of decisions, and ensure alignment on next steps.  A project may focused on: 


Past Performance Analysis
Reviewing performance of existing products and services and organizing customers and markets by segments

Future State Workshop
Creating internal alignment on the vision for success and defining business goals, metrics, aspirations, and risk tolerance



External Assessment
Defining known industry trends, mapping competitive landscapes, and understanding shifts in customer behavior



  • A portfolio of potential paths forward to grow your core business and create new value
  • A range of clearly articulated initiatives to take into a deep dive
  • Analysis and visualization of your current state - looking at product and service offerings, marketing and sales tactics
  • Recognition of gaps and competitive threats that must be addressed moving forward
  • Clear definition of what innovation means to your organization
  • A set of specific areas to explore, and a plan of action to identify specific opportunities


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Research Capabilities

Primary Research:

  • Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trends Analysis
  • Key Opinion Leader Engagement
  • Risk-Reward Mapping
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Business Strategy

  • Product Vitality Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Alignment Workshops
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Design Capabilities

  • Innovation Analysis
  • Opportunity Hypothesis Creation

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