Stephanie Tinsley Start Something



Manager of Market Research

Market Research Analytics ● Project Management ● Psychology

Stephanie isn’t happy if she isn’t learning. But that’s hardly a surprise for someone with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and Wright State University. She puts those degrees to good use in the field, capturing insights live as they happen during interviews and synthesizing them after the fact. It’s a fantastic way to keep learning.

Stephanie enjoys helping clients learn as well. She’s not satisfied until clients have clear, actionable steps for implementing innovations. That means seeing every report, every insight, every visualization before it leaves the door. Stephanie refines and polishes market strategies and competitive landscape analysis until they are crystal clear and inarguably actionable. She doesn’t stop until the client knows exactly where to start.

An experienced project marketing pro, Stephanie can often be found running point behind the scenes, making sure project timelines are being met and the team has everything they need to deliver industry-changing strategies and products.

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