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Micah loves helping clients move beyond their traditional approaches to problem-solving and finding novel ways to innovate on their current products and enter new markets. This pursuit of creative paths to success is a throughline in Micah’s 20-year career, from his days as a graphic designer to managing design and product teams through his work helping medical and industrial clients discover and apply market insights at Start Something Bold. At every stop, Micah has refused to settle for a paint-by-numbers approach.

Some days, Micah goes deep into the weeds with a client’s customers to discover how they behave, how they think, and how they feel. Other days, the fifth generation designer is applying the skills he learned at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, producing inventive ways for clients to visualize opportunities and insights. For Micah, his work isn’t just about helping customers bring products to market; it’s about making an impact in people’s lives.

“If we help a client make something new and valuable, they have to hire people to support that. What we do creates jobs,” Micah says. “That’s powerful.”

Micah has delivered lectures about design around the world. He holds patents related to the design and the graphical user interface pressure therapy devices and sample medical device inventory software.

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