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Cardiovascular procedures. Orthopedics. Diagnostic medicine. Aaron has extensive healthcare experience and is always ready for the next challenge.

Not only does he have textbook experience--he holds a bachelor’s and a master’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan--he has firsthand experience at patients’ bedsides. Being so close to the point of care opened Aaron’s eyes to opportunities to improve the experience for patients and practitioners alike.

Aaron brings his commitment to improving healthcare and his obsession with details to every project. Aaron sweats the small stuff. He loves diving deep into the minutia of a problem and researching it thoroughly to grasp all its nuances. This immersion informs his prototyping and product development efforts. Nothing excites him more than seeing a client envision the future of healthcare--and create it.

Aaron was an Innovation Fellow at the University of Michigan and he has a certification in Research Moderation/Facilitation from the Burke Institute. He has been published in ScienceDirect and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Aaron holds patents related to rotatable fluid sample collection devices and a packaging unit used to hold and transport collected samples.



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