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We help bring clarity to the opportunities you should pursue by identifying needs and desires of your customers. Taking a holistic view of innovation, we explore feasibility, viability, and desirability and then analyze the business case around creating new offerings in those spaces.

To help organizations bring clarity to opportunities, we utilize a range of research methods to discover unmet needs. We work to understand the context of the big picture, and then dive deep by taking a user-centered approach to engage a range of key stakeholders through qualitative and quantitative research. Connecting to customers and end users, we identify opportunities for new product and service offerings which are rooted in a deep understanding of what your customers need and want. To build confidence in the viability of new offerings, we work to develop business cases for pursuing the identified opportunities, creating a clear strategy for your future research and development efforts.


We work in sprints to accelerate learnings, enable quick intervals of decisions, and ensure alignment on next steps.  A project may focused on: 


Customer Research
Identifying unmet needs of stakeholders to build a portfolio of needs

Opportunity Mapping
Analyzing and prioritizing unmet needs to begin identifying opportunities to pursue


Competitive analysis
Comparing opportunities to the competitive landscape, market potential, and stakeholder impact

Business modeling
Building assumptive business models based upon opportunities and concepts to ensure future investments will meet financial objectives

Alignment to strategic focus
Comparing opportunities to the strategic focus to build alignment, update assumptions, or make revisions


Concept Ideation
Generating initial concepts to show customers a range of ideas that solve their problems

Testing with users in qualitative and quantitative research

Value Proposition Development
Defining the benefits and outcomes customers receive from concepts

Pricing Model Ideation
Exploring pricing and business model designs to understand what customers may be willing to pay for concepts



  • New insights around the needs of your current and future end users and customers
  • Clarity around the opportunities to pursue within areas of strategic interest
  • Validated value propositions rooted in meaningful needs
  • Ideas for new product and service offerings
  • Visual assets to communicate ideas and benefits
  • Confidence around the business case and viability of your new ideas
  • Rationale and supporting evidence needed to invest in future development efforts
  • An initial set of user needs to drive design requirements moving forward
  • Clear strategy defining the direction for future design efforts


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Research Capabilities

Primary Research:

  • One-on-one Interviews
  • Contextual Inquiries
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Voice of The Customer
  • Need Statement Generation
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Business Strategy

  • Business Case Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Sizing
  • Value Proposition Creation
  • Business Model Creation
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Design Capabilities

  • Initial Concept Generation
  • Value Proposition Creation
  • Business Model Creation
  • Journey and Experience Mapping
  • Service Blueprint Mapping

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