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Connect your strategy to your customers through research so that you can focus on the right opportunities. 

At every phase in the innovation process, research plays an important role. Whether it’s understanding what your customer needs, testing how ideas resonate with your audience or which version of your prototype is most preferred by your user, research is key. Our team executes and analyzes multiple research methodologies to empower your consumer’s voice and inform your decision-making at every step.

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  • CEOs and presidents looking for insights in their strategic planning
  • Marketing leaders seeking research to helping them understand users needs 
  • Engineering teams looking to better connect their concepts to user needs


  • Identify unmet needs 
  • Rank importance and satisfaction level of desired outcomes
  • Inform strategic direction and clarify value proposition
  • Create a customer-centric organization 
  • Making sure that what you’re developing will resonate with customers
  • Optimize input for engineering and manufacturing teams
  • Tapping into the right research participants for the best insights 


  • Onsite Observational
         - Ethnography
         - Real-time Shadowing
         - Time Motion Study
         - Unmet Needs
  • Qualitative Research
         - In-Depth interviews 
         - Voice of the customer (VOC)
         - Jobs to be Done
         - Concept Testing
  • Quantitative Research
         - Market Segmentation 
         - Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) Survey
         - Kano Analysis
         - Conjoint Analysis 
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It can be challenging to find the right people for studies, but it's important. Why? The better your participants, the more powerful the insights they reveal. That's why we specialize in recruiting the right subjects, as difficult as they may be to find. Our global partners help us source from a variety of industries, roles, and geographies to find the perfect sample set for your research.

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