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Explore the unmet needs of your customers so you can pursue the market opportunity that delivers the best product or service. 

Through a holistic view of innovation, we explore the feasibility, viability, and desirability of market opportunities and then analyze the business case around creating new offerings in those spaces. To get there, we utilize a range of user-centered research methods, engaging key stakeholders through qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Connecting the customer and end users gives you a deep understanding of what they need and want. Then, business cases built around each opportunity help guide your future research and development efforts. 

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Learn more about our innovation funnel approach here.


  • Market leaders and product managers looking to understand very specific needs across stakeholders
  • Managers looking to prioritize their focus of their R&D efforts


  • New insights around the needs of your current and future customers
  • Clarity around the opportunities to pursue within areas of strategic interest
  • Defined outcome statements that describe the goal
  • Rationale and supporting evidence needed to invest in future development efforts
  • Clear direction for future design efforts


  • Identify Needs. Create baseline of the current state through customer research to define jobs-to-be-done, user needs, desired outcomes, and stakeholder interactions. 
  • Prioritize Needs. Analyze and prioritize outcome statements. 
  • Business Analysis. From competitive analysis to building assumptive businesses models, ensure that the top opportunities also align to strategic focus at the executive level.
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