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"We're so close to our products we can't see the path forward..."

Is your company in need of innovative thinking, new strategies, access to new markets, and confidence to deliver new products?


We partner with clients to guide or augment their teams with the strategies and skills needed to support innovation.

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Expertise & Capabilities


We have traveled to nearly every continent to see our clients' products in action and talk with the professionals who use them every day. We immerse ourselves in the environments of everyone from machine operator to plant manager to understand their needs, workflows, and how they use our clients' products.


The fastest growing manufacturers are expanding into new markets. While this may feel uncomfortable, we know how to break down the needs of a new market and build up a strategy that is actionable.


Our innovation solutions support every stage of innovation, from strategy to manufacturing. We ensure your strategy and team are aligned around business goals and user needs. We deliver the confidence our clients need to invest in the products and growth strategies that help them reach their goals.

Industrial Innovation

Industrial Innovation

The Challenge and the Opportunity

Industrial Companies have grown because they had great products and a great team. Now they are realizing that in order to stay relevant, they need to come up with something new. However, not all organizations have the capabilities, teams, or culture to pivot from sales-driven growth to product innovation and market strategy.

The solution for most organizations is to collaborate with partners who can fill the gaps and give leadership the confidence to move forward. It is critical that all stakeholders align around new strategies for growth and new products to bring to market.

Think beyond your current portfolio.

Moving beyond the focus on simply selling more product requires a strategic approach and a deep understanding of the industry, market, and customer needs.

At Start Something Bold, we often find our clients are excellent tacticians but lack the firepower needed in areas such as:

  • - design
  • - researching user needs
  • - growth and market strategy
  • - generating new product concepts
  • - visualizing and validating new product concepts.


We work with mid-market industrial companies to craft the strategic path and new solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Industry Trends

We've observed that the fastest growing middle market companies share a focus on three strategic priorities:

1 - moving into adjacent markets

2 - adding value added services

3 - pursuing technology and IoT innovations

We gather insights at their source.

Our team travels the globe for our clients, interviewing and observing end users in their work environments.

Our travels (so far):


  • Spain

  • Poland

  • United Kingdom

  • Germany

  • France

  • Italy

  • Czech Republic

  • Belgium

  • Russia

  • Netherlands


  • China

  • Japan

  • Thailand

  • Singapore

  • India


  • United States

  • Canada


Industrial Professionals & Environments


Wastewater Plants
Food & Beverage Plants
Chemical Plants
Fracking Operations
Commercial Kitchen


Plant Managers
Instrumentation Engineers
3rd Party Engineering firms

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