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Complex consumer interactions can prevent teams from seeing, validating, and pursuing new products and strategies.


Multiple touch points... Multiple stakeholders... Unique customer perspectives and contexts... Complex user journeys... Conflicting product development priorities... Sound familiar?

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Extensive interviews, research, and synthesis result in comprehensive visualizations. Clients get a full view of user perspectives, contexts, and complex interactions with products.

Final deliverables outline key findings and identify new opportunities to pursue, giving clients clarity, alignment, and confidence to prioritize new strategies and begin new product development.


Complexity is our specialty. We go beyond product use as a research focus, exploring client needs and complete journey across every touch point. The insights gained from the process enables clients to develop the right products, pursue the right markets, and prioritize enhancements that help them achieve their goals.


Our proven innovation solutions support every stage of innovation, from strategy to manufacturing. We ensure your strategy and team are aligned around business goals and user needs.

We deliver the confidence for our clients need to invest in the right products to reach their goals.

Consumer-focused innovation doesn't always mean "Consumer Packaged Goods."

We enjoy the challenge of complex customer journeys and user experiences.

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