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How to Best Prepare for a Voice of the Customer Research Project | By Paul Miklautsch

Voice of the Customer or VoC research is a valuable tool used to gain customer perceptions about your organization’s products and services in comparison to your competition. The best time to use VoC research is when companies are trying to determine “what’s next” in building their strategic focus.  Before writing a simple survey, conduct an internal assessment that helps focus desired learnings from the research. 

Research that evaluates concepts or test value propositions would not be included in VoC research.  In our experience, having a clear research objective of what you want to learn is important. VoC research is designed to listen to customers’ experiences, gain feedback, and learn about their perceptions.

"Customer intimacy had a different meaning for our customers than for internal people. That's why having the force of the customers' primary research, really getting the feedback face-to-face, was critical for us to develop our strategy." 
- Serge Joris, President of Hydro Systems.

VoC Preparation

To prepare for VoC research, start by conducting an internal assessment.  This includes understanding your business performance and assumptions about where the business could go in the future. 

Financial Ambitions:

Performance by:

  • Product
  • Market
  • Geography
  • Customer Types

Assumptions: (these are common ones)

  • New Products
  • New Markets
  • New Technology or IoT (internet of things) solutions
  • New Value-Added Services

Once this internal assessment is completed, a workshop with the executive team will align on the desired learnings from the research.  A research plan will be written that defines the best methodology for conducting the research, which may be a survey, in-depth phone interviews, onsite customer visits or a combination of these three activities. 

Without defining your learning objectives from this research method you risk receiving feedback that provides little insight to help your business. Additionally, in VoC customers are willing to share their feedback with the expectation that their information results in an action that benefits them. If you have no clear outcomes you can’t show your customers the value of their time and the impact it has made.  

Are you ready to create a focused and useful VoC research project? Let Start Something Bold help.  We have built and conducted hundreds of VoC projects for organizations just like yours all over the world. Simply click the let’s start something bold button below to get started.

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By Paul Miklautsch - January 28, 2020

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