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Bold Redesign | By Paul Miklautsch



The start of 2014 was an exciting time as we launched Start Something Bold. It took a few months to find our first client and we poured everything into delivering our first project. This led to more projects with them and a strong endorsement from their President, which lead to more business. We were on our way to building a boutique firm.

As we approach 2020, we needed to clarify our products to help win new business and align how we were going to deliver projects as we hired new team members. The business needed clarity on our vision, services, and the value that we provide clients. It was all there, but it needed sharpness so we could continue to grow. 

We took our own advice and hired someone to do a Voice of the Customer project so we can learn directly from our clients.  By turning our process on ourselves, we gained clarity on our clients’ goals, needs, processes, and organizational changes. We were vulnerable, willing to listen, and eager to hear their responses.  

As our team reflected on the findings, there were clear and consistent strengths that were brought up along with gaps that were identified. We are thankful for the honest and straightforward feedback from our clients so we can continue to evolve our business. 

Start Something Bold’s new website reflects a pivot of our services and clarity to how we work best with clients. As a boutique firm, we want to be clear where we provide the most value and not promise everything.  We hope you take the time to check out the website and get reacquainted with us. 

It doesn’t stop here with a new website launch. This is only the beginning of hearing from us. We’ve learned the need to share our perspective on topics and build confidence with case studies. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with research and front end innovation so we’ve been working on a series of blogs that answer questions we hear from leaders. 

We know there are big challenges manufacturers are facing to stay relevant, understand shifts in consumer behaviors, and grow their business. Our commitment is that we’ll pour everything our team has to deliver on each project for you, just like that first project in 2014. 

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By Paul Miklautsch - November 26, 2019

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